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Unlike other festivals which only offer a limited selection of semi pro bands, our events are carefully programmed to bring the most creative and professional jazz artistes together to provide an exciting variety of special presentations.


New for 2017


The 15th William Shakespeare Traditional Jazz 'n' Swing Festival

The Chesford Grange Hotel, Kenilworth, Warwickshire

Saturday 11th - Monday 13th November 2017


Only £258 per person Half Board - standard rooms

Single Occupancy: £295

Superior rooms @ £295 per person

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The Exciting Musical Programme
14:00: Wild Bill & Bechet, featuring Allen Beechey, Duncan Batchelor, Mike Pointon, J J Vinten, Keith Donald, John Petters


The famous Blue Note recordings arranged by Art Hodes, with Wild Bill Davison and Sidney Bechet were some of the most driving sessions of the mid 1940s.  This line-up is uniquely qualified to recreate this music. John Petters, Mike Pointon and Keith Donald toured and recorded with Bill and Art in 1989.
JJ Vinten worked with Davison and Duncan and Allen have grown up listening to this music. (See a video of John Petters with Wild Bill Davison and Art Hodes in 1989 Wild Bill Davison & Art Hodes with John Petters Dixielanders in May 1989)

15:00: Pete Allen Festival Allstars with Andy Dickens, Amy Roberts, Tim Phillips, Heather Birt, John Petters.
This will be a sensational session of hot music.

17:00: John Petters presents The Jazz Lecture.

19:30: Following dinner, the amazing young violin wizard, Ben Holder, will lead the Sizzling Seven for a no-holds-barred tour-de-force featuring ex Chris Barber reedman, Richard Exall and Duncan Batchelor in the frontline with a rhythm section comprising ex Alex Welsh guitarist, Jim Douglas, multi- instrumentalist, Tim Phillips, Heather Birt and John Petters.

21:45: Satchmo the Great featuring Alan Bateman, Ian Bateman, Karl Hird, J J Vinten, Jim Douglas, Keith Donald, John Petters.
A trip back to the 1950s Louis Armstrong Allstars.


10:30 The Jazz Forum - John Petters spins 8 surprise discs and gets the views of his panel
of experts.

11:30: Walkin’ With the King - Hot New Orleans Hymns and Spirituals for Sunday Morning, with Allen Beechey, Karl Hird, Mike Pointon,Tim Phillips, Heather Birt, John Petters.

12:30 Swing From Paris with Karl Hird, Jonathan Graham, Tim Phillips, Jim Douglas, Keith Donald - Gypsy Jazz, Django style.


13:30: Colin Bray’s American Songbook- Colin tells some tales about some of the great songs from the American songbook, with Tim Huskisson, Heather Birt, John Petters.

14:30: This Joint is Jumpin’ the music of Fats Waller with Alan Gresty, John Wurr, Dave Browning, Tim Phillips, Keith Donald, Jack Amblin

15:30 The Original Dixieland Jass Band Centenary.

The first band to record in 1917, this set attempts to recreate their unique sound which launched the jazz age, with Allen Beechey, Tim Huskisson, Mike Pointon, Dave Browning, John Petters.

16:30: The Special Magic of Benny Goodman with Tim Huskisson, Colin Bray, J J Vinten, John Petters. A recreation of the Original BG Quartet which featured, Gene Krupa, Lionel Hampton and Teddy Wilson. This quartet captures the spirit perfectly.

19:30: Climax Session with Alan Gresty, John Wurr, Mike Pointon, Tim Phillips, Heather Birt, Jack Amblin. A celebration of the iconic George Lewis session from 1943 - real New Orleans jazz at its best!

21:45: A Celebration of Kid Ory and Red Allen

In 1959 The Kid Ory Band toured the UK. They recorded two highly influential albums. We close the festival with a sensational tribute to these fine New Orleans legends.


The line up comprises: Andy Dickens, Mike Pointon, Tim Huskisson, J J Vinten, Jim Douglas, Keith Donald, John Petters













Here's a few photos from November 15

Tim Huskisson, Colin Bray, J J Vinten & John Petters - The Benny Goodman Quartet set.

Amy Roberts, Tim Huskisson, Jim Douglas, Keith Donald & John Petters

Richard Exall, Zoltan Sagi, Jim Douglas, J J Vinten Keith Donald & Jack Amblin.

Dave Browning plays Fats Waller.

Dave Hewett, Heather Birt and Alan Bateman - the Satchmo set.

The finale: Annie Hawkins, Sean Moyses, Ian Bateman, Allen Beechey, John Petters, Pete Allen, Andrew Petters




Ticket info - call 800-555-1212

The Chesford Grange Hotel, Kenilworth, Warwickshire



Book Now: 01406 365 731

0044 1406 365731 (from outside the UK)