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The Second Louis Armstrong Jazz 'n'Swing Festival


@ the Holiday Inn Hotel, Norwich North


We had a wonderful time last weekend.


Here are a few of the E-mails received:





John Petters - drums, vocals, festival director is proud to present, for your delight.


Good evening, John.


Another very successful weekend.


Sat. was good jazz……….but Sun. started to take off esp. Ben and Exall.


The other cabaret turn (Colin) is a different thing entirely. I’ve said it before but he should be a white-face clown in the spangly dress when he plays the sax esp. at the end of his turn (marching around). A pity audience didn’t clap in time as they did at Mundesley so that would have been real circus.


I spoke to a guy in the lift afterwards and told him that they did clap before and he said that he thought the Norwich audience were going to……so that was good……and when I mentioned circus he agreed.


Due to traffic and illness, good to be able to use Jon Graham more………….and some others worked hard too……e.g. JJ and Tim H.


You occasionally give a player his/her head, e.g. Colin’s cabaret, Sean’s banjo set or Keith Nichols doing his ragtime and silent film or Litton giving a talk on piano styles. Otherwise most of the sets have a theme so the musos playing there have to conform to that theme……..and they do it very well.


I wonder what other individual musos could do, with a chosen support group perhaps, when allowed to do their own thing? Perhaps that’s a thought for the future weekends? Though only one set in a weekend as what you give us is always interesting and good music with a theme…….


….which applies to the final set on Sunday. I’m thinking that that must have cost you quite a lot to get so many top class musos, some of whom didn’t get to play a lot in that particular set.


Loved the marching band………that would have put the frightners on the other people staying in the hotel!


What a racket!


So, thanks again for a lovely weekend


And this one:


My thanks again for a memorably musical weekend in Norfolk. 

Like you , I was particularly impressed with Jon Graham's adaptable musicality . His restrained , controlled understated and tuneful trumpet playing was a revelation! 

Please could you send me the application form for the weekend at Chesford Grange Hotel in November.

And this:

Dear John,

I have just got back from the Norwich festival and wanted to say a huge thank you for arranging, yet again, a superb feast of traditional jazz. The talent that you have assembled is absolutely first-rate and it is a crying shame that this type of music appears to be appreciated by so relatively few, up and down the land. For me, this was only the second of your festivals that I have attended. I attended Bracklesham Bay some years ago and I took my son, in his twenties at the time. He enjoyed it but has not become a devotee. This time. my wife came with me and she too thoroughly enjoyed the event.  

The Holiday Inn was very nice and, quite frankly, I don't know how you manage to offer what you do at the price. It is more than good value. Kids can easily pay £100 for one single pop concert! The world has gone mad.


And this:

Dear John,

Just to say fantastic week end as always superb so much work goes into it 
Thanks John for another great weekend at the Holiday Inn, Norwich – really enjoyed it.





See John Petters in this video click image below:



Saturday 27th May

14:00 Swing From Paris with Duncan Batchelor, Tim Phillips, Jon Graham, Jim Douglas, Keith Donald


15:00 Satchmo The Great with Simon Nelson, Karl Hird, Mike Pointon, Tim Huskisson, Tim Phillips, Keith Donald, John Petters

17:00 The Jazz Lecture - The Original Dixieland Jazz Band and its Legacy

18:00 Dinner

19:30 Wild Bill & Bechet with Allen Beechey, Duncan Batchelor, JJ Vinten, Keith Donald, John Petters

21:45 Red Allen Meets Kid Ory with Andy Dickens, Mike Pointon, Tim Huskisson, J J Vinten, Jim Douglas, Keith Donald, John Petters

Sunday 28th May


10:30 Jazz Forum with Mike Pointon, Allen Beechey, Andy Dickens, Tim Huskisson


11:30 Walkin' With The King with Allen Beechey, Mike Pointon, Karl Hird, Sean Moyses, Keith Donald, Tim Phillips

12:30 ODJB Centenary with Allen Beechey, Karl Hird, Mike Pointon, Tim Huskisson, John Petters

13:30 Charleston Days with Sean Moyses, Amy Roberts, Heather Birt, Jack Amblin

14:30 The Sizzling Six with Ben Holder, Richard Exall, Tim Huskisson, Jim Douglas, Heather Birt, Jack Amblin

15:30 The Special Magic of Benny Goodman with Tim Huskisson, Colin Bray, J J Vinten, John Petters

16:30 Colin Bray's Jazz Cabaret with Keith Donald, JJ Vinten, Heather Birt, John Petters

18:00 Dinner

19:30 The Story of Jazz from Ragtime to Swing with Andy Dickens, Allen Beechey, Mike Pointon, Dave Hewett, Julian Stringle, Karl Hird, J J Vinten, Colin Bray, Jim Douglas, Sean Moyses, Tim Phillips, Keith Donald, Heather Birt, Jack Amblin, John Petters


Jack Amblin


Trumpets & Cornets:

Andy Dickens

See Andy Dickens with Jophn Petters band on this video. Click image below:

Allen Beechey

See Allen Beechey with John Petters band, click image below.

Simon Nelson

See Simon Nelso with John Petters band on video. click image below.


Writer & BBC Broadcaster, Mike Pointon

See Mike Pointon on this video, click image below.


Violin: Ben Holder


See Ben in action at last year's festival. vlick the image below.



Clarinet, saxophone & flute

Amy Roberts

See Amy Roberts on this video, click image below.

Richard Exall

See Richard Exall on this video, click image below.

Julian Marc Stringle

See Julian Marc Stringle on this video, click image below.



Duncan Batchelor

See Duncan Batchelor on this video, click image below.



Colin Bray

See Colin Bray on this video, click image below.


J J Vinten

See J J Vinten on this video, click image below.

Tim Huskisson

See Tim on this video, click image below.



Guitar & banjo

Jim Douglas

See Jim Douglas on this video, click image below.

Jonathan Graham

See Jonathan Graham on this video, click image below.

Sean Moyses

See Sean Moyseson this video, click image below.

Tim Phillips

See Tim Phillips on this video, click image below.


Heather Birt

See Heather Birt on this video, click image below.


Keith Donald

See Keith Donald on this video, click image below.





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