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Rose Records Digital Recording Service


John Petters has been recording jazz, digitally, since 1988. The early system used the Sony F1 PCM machine to record direct to stereo. Many of our early CDs were recorded this way.

In recent years, we have kept up with the technology and our high quality, top of the range eight-track Digital recorder provides CD Red book standard recordings at an affordable cost.

With an electronics background, gained in Amateur Radio, John Petters brings both the technical competence as well as an acute musical ear to the production of your recording. Listen to our recently released album, Heah Me Talkin’ (link) to hear how a jazz band should sound.

We do not pile on compression and reverb. We prefer your CD to sound as the band would sound – with dynamics and no distortion.

Choose your location, book your date and we will record your band.

We can either give you a mixed master CD or provide professional CDs (minimum run 500) complete with bar code, mechanical copyright, four colour artwork etc.

Call 0800 496 0673 for a quote.




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